This will be Hurukuro’s premier service, still in development. The Agri-cloud will be a B2B2C mobile cloud computing solution meant for the Agricultural sector. Combining elements of Big Data and cloud computing, Agri-cloud will enable smallholder farmers, consumers and Agribusiness players enjoy an unparalleled service, as the platform will enable farmers produce and trade better, Agribusiness players source produce more efficiently and consumers get variety and fresher produce.

Agro web server

Are you a corporate in Agribusiness? An MNO? Or an NGO in need of a structured SMS programme for your small scale farmer? Hurukuro has developed an automated server capable of delivering Agricultural content on over 25 different crops ranging from grains to horticultural crops. Not only that, but Hurukuro is also able to supply weather data, Market prices for both inputs and produce as well as relevant news feeds. Hurukuro has built linkages with relevant stakeholders in Zimbabwe’s Agricultural industry enabling data accuracy and consistency.

ICT Consultancy

“We are stuck with technology when what we really want is just stuff that works.” – Douglas Adams (Author). Hurukuro is able to combine new and existing technologies to come up with appropriate solutions for an ever changing world. If you have a problem, do contact us for a solution!

Web Development

Hurukuro also has experience in the design and development of in websites both for the internet or intranets. Hurukuro’s abilities not only extend to design and development but also consultancy services in the area of web content development. Hurukuro is also able to develop industry specific portals, as well as a variety of web-based applications.